In the Shadow of Princes

The Final Pillar

The Rome party has nearly escaped the eternal city. Only one Mindscape pillar remains to be seized before the impenetrable force screen surrounding the city is deactivated. The PCs, having been rescued from their latest Mindscape mission by Phoenix Archon Mako Kobayashi, have moved to assault the final temple and enter the Mindscape one last time. But upon entering the temple of Mars the Avenger, the party is attacked by a band of allies under the mental domination of Archon Delora Delarmi.

According to Kobayashi, Delora and Morella, the Caesara of Europa and the Emperor’s second in command, have joined forces in a coup to take control of the Golden Empire during Golan’s absence. In response to this coup, the ever-loyal Kobayashi assists the PCs as a destabilizing counterbalance to the traitors’s rising power. He’s trying to buy time for Golan to return and reassert control of the Imperium. It remains to be seen how far he is willing to trust the party.

After the final pillar is deactivated, the party will be locked in a foot race to the finish in a mad dash to escape Rome while fending off the combined might of the Phoenix Order and the Praetorian Legion. But what of the captured gladiators and Britannian spies, those who made this escape possible? And what of the elusive Vento Parmezzius? Apparently Parmezzius has constructed a powerful weapon for Morella and clearly sided with her traitorous forces. How long can the party linger to tie up these loose ends?



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