Golan Trevize

Primus Archon of the Phoenix Order, Emperor of Rome’s Golden Empire, last of the Hidden Princes. Golan Trevize is the nearest thing to a god that has ever walked the earth. Bestowed of unparalleled psychokinetic power, Trevize fears no man or nation. His empire is an extension of his own personal will to power and he wields it without hesitation to further the salvific millenial aims of the Phoenix Order.

Some believe Golan Trevize to be the first of his kind, the first psionically Awakened human being. If rumours about Trevize’s age are to be believed, that may very well be true. Conservative estimates taken from reference to the historical record suggest that Trevize is at least two centuries old. His covert status as a member of the Hidden Princes makes this difficult to verify, however.

Golan Trevize’s goals and beliefs can only be gleaned from Phoenix Order doctrine. According to the Phoenix Creed, the Awakened represent a new stage in human evolution. They refer to themselves as Homo Suscitatus, “Awakened Man,” and seek a world in which all humanity has risen up to join their higher state of being. Golan Trevize offers up this utopian dream as a way to absolute human freedom, beyond family, race, religion, or nation, a new human idea born from the ashes of Homo Sapien, like a phoenix reborn.

Increasingly, the means Trevize and his order have employed to achieve these utopian ends shock the conscience. The figurative “flames” of the Phoenix Order’s yearned for rebirth have been literalized in the Golden Empire’s flames of war. There is much blood on Golan Trevize’s hands that must be atoned for. But who can challenge a man who wields such inhuman power?

Golan Trevize

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