Phoenix Order

The Phoenix Order, sometimes referred to as The Order of the Golden Phoenix, is a society of Psions devoted to achieving a collective state of global harmony through the universal psychic “Awakening” of humanity. Although the mission of the Order claims an altruistic goal, the practical aims and beliefs of the organization rank and file often manifest as xenophobia and bigotry. Non psionics are rarely indoctrinated into the Order, and those who are often undergo invasive psychic surgery in order to force their minds to “Awaken”.

Begun by Golan Trevize around the year 858 PCE, the Phoenix Order started as an esoteric cult devoted to the perfection of human life and action through the principles of mental discipline. At its inception, the organization was known as the Order of the Rising Phoenix and did not seek out the psychically gifted. Only after founding his organization did Trevize begin to realize the steadily growing population of the Awakened. Subsequently, he made it his mission to recruit psionically talented men and women like himself for training and fellowship.

Around 903 the Order became a secret society and little is known of its activities thereafter until the end of the Princes’s Retribution War in 973 PCE. As the Last Heroic Age faded, Golan Trevize and the Phoenix Order emerged into the public again offering the salvific promise of an enlightened new age of human prosperity and understanding. But Trevize soon joined his laudable social aims to the political the military strength of the nascent Roman Republic by installing himself as Emperor and beginning a program of usurpation and conquest.

The Phoenix Order and its ruling Archons are the real powers behind the Roman State now and the Phoenix now asserts two very different faces: one public and moderate, the other secretive and forwarding a hostile global agenda.

Beside Primus Archon Golan Trevize, arch-kineticist, the Archons each master a different psionic discipline and hold governing dominion in a different continental region:

Europa : Aurus (Archon minor – Psychokinesis)

Africa : Numa (Archon – Psychometabolism)

Near East Asia : Delora Delarmi (Archon – Telepathy)

The Far East : Sendahl Savotte (Archon – Clairsentience)

Merika : Mako Kobayashi (Archon – Psychoportation)

Southern Kingdoms of Merika : Zozimus (Archon – Metacreativity)

Phoenix Order

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