This family of Noirlan aristocrats is the oldest and most repected in all Norland. They migrated south from the lands of Jersey during the rise of the Princes’s Hidden Empire and eventually two half brothers, Jakob and Konrad Vidal founded a city on the edge of the Silent Sea and called it Noirlan after the customary name given to the territory by its native denizens.

Vidal prestige waned in the subsequent centuries after the rise of the Chastain family as Noirlan’s protectors apparent. The ineffective leadership of Siegfried Vidal during the Hidden Empire’s attempted invasion of Norland and the startling military success orchestrated by Jolan Chastain led to a period of decline and withdrawl from public life for the Vidals.

The most recent generation of Vidals, led by an energetic and charismatic young noble known as Armand, has helped restore the family’s rightful public prominence. Armand has reclaimed his family’s ancestral obligation to lead and attained the elected seat of First Citizen as the first Vidal to hold the office since Siegfried Vidal’s unfortunate failure.

The Vidals, controlling vast domains both inside and outside the city, are the most significant land holders in Norland. Their mercantile activities are secondary to their interest in local manufacture and agriculture, as their manors account for much of the locally cultivated food that feeds the people of Noirlan and its greater region. The choicest real estate in the family’s control is certainly Castle Vidal, an island fortress located near the mouth of Noirlan’s harbour. The castle serves as both a beacon to travellers and a formidable maritime citadel in case of seaborne invasion.


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